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1st Demo | Roleplay | Nathan & Tech | July 30 

Summary: Emmett “Tech” Winters and Nathan Wright were paired together for the demonstration held on July 30. The theme was roleplay.

Title: The Inappropriate Tutor

Nathan sighed to himself before taking a deep breath, he was trying to calm himself. He needed to be calmer for this to work out, he needed this to work out. This was his first demo and he wanted to make sure that it was done right. His eyes scanned around him, there were more people there than he had thought there would be. While he wasn’t opposed to sex in public he had never done anything even remotely sexual in front of this many people. His eyes fell on Tech, seeing his partner eased his worry a little and he calmed down slightly. He took another deep breath keeping his eyes on Tech in order to get his instructions. He was ready to show what he had learned but being ready didn’t make it any easier. Nathan had never thought he would be in a position like this, he hadn’t known Tech for too long and now here he was waiting to do a demo with him. He hoped that after this demo all the other demos would be a lot easier, although deep down he knew he would continue to be nervous for all of them no matter what happened. He looked away from Tech trying to center himself and only when he was ready did he look back at the other male giving him a nod to let him know he was ready for this. As he was about to step into the demo room he took another deep breath, there was no going back now. This was it, this was his first demo and he was going to go through with it completely.

Tech took a deep breath and forced himself to relax. As the Dominant in the scene, he had dual responsibilities and despite his nerves, he was not going to let down Nathan. Nathan - who was cute, kind, as well as a fellow geek and a Canadian to boot. He looked at the trolley with the gear he had brought with him. He actually didn’t bother with props and instead just brought the things he had in his room along with tubes of water coloured with food colouring. It would took entertaining enough to the crowd. Satisfied with the contents of the trolley he looked around again and spotted Nathan. He smiled in what he hoped was a reassuring way. “Hi Nathan. All set? So this is going to be fine. We’re just going to play with the chemistry stuff and then you’re going to get a reward. I will give instructions and all you have to do is play along. I’m just your inappropriate tutor. Okay?” Tech reached out a hand and took Nathan’s in his own, giving it a gentle squeeze. Just then the light flashed and they were directed to get started. Tech nodded at Nathan and pulled his trolley to the centre of the room before they moved over a table. He set up the tubes, beakers and laid out several books, a notepad and a few pencils. It looked pretty cool from a distance. Tech then turned to the audience and stated, “Nathan and I will be roleplaying tutor and student.” He was impressed at how collected his voice sounded and smiled, pleased with himself for doing this all right. “Ready to begin Nathan?” he asked, unconsciously slipping into what his siblings called his ‘teacher voice’.

Nathan looked down at their hands, the connection calming him a lot more than the breathing was, “yeah I’m set. Let’s do this.” There was something about Tech that put him at ease, something that let him know it was all going to be okay as long as he supported Tech and Tech supported him. He watched Tech set everything up not sure what to do to help or if there even was anything he could do to help, he didn’t want to do anything that would ruin it before it even got started. He looked around at the audience as Tech addressed them his eyes focusing on each one of them for a moment before moving to the next. Hearing the question Nathan nodded his head slowly clearing his throat, he was still a little nervous, “yes Sir.” He had liked the way that Tech’s voice sounded when he asked the question, it stirred the submissive in him and he loved it. Hearing the tone of voice Tech had used cause him to feel the excitement of the demo that was to come. He was starting to block out everything around him and just focus on Tech, in that moment nothing or no one else mattered to him and he was okay with that. He was okay with keeping his focus on Tech, Nathan know it would help this demo go along a lot smoother than if he focused on everything else around him. Nathan gave Tech a smile to let him know that he was ready, that he wanted to get started.

Tech moved beside Nathan and placed a hand on the centre of the taller boy’s slender back. He glanced up to meet the attractive submissive’s dark eyes with his own pale blue ones. He smiled reassuringly. “All right Nathan. We have been working on your chemistry mastery this month and you are finally going to work through the formula on your own. Now I have written out the formula. If you remember everything we discussed last time you should get the desired reaction.” Again, his teacher voice was in full effect. He tapped the notepad in front of them. As this wasn’t a real lesson but a show, Tech had decided to take advantage of it. So he had come up with something that he hoped Nathan would think was fun. On the notepad in front of them, Tech had written a series of instructions to Nathan. These instructions were to mix the colours together in a certain order. The final mix would result in a smoking reaction that was harmless but looked really cool and he hoped would make Nathan smile. In fact, if Tech had calculated correctly, the fluids would also kind of sparkle, which would look neat to the audience. “Remember to take your time, mix them slowly, and …” Tech’s voice dropped subtly, “If you do it right, you’ll get rewarded for being a good student.” This was the play after all, Nathan the good little pupil getting a reward for following the rules and learning his lesson. “You can begin now Nathan.”

Nathan nodded his head as he listened to Tech’s words his eyes focused on the other male. Once he had fallen into that submissive role everything had become that much easier and he felt his entire body relax. It was as if all the weight had been lifted off his shoulders and he was ready to move on with the demo as planned. Nathan’s eyes glanced over the written instructions, he didn’t know what it would do but he was excited to find out. He looked at everything set up before looking at Tech again, “does it matter which beaker I use to mix them in?” His eyes moved to the instructions again wanting to make sure he read them all correctly so he wouldn’t mess this up in any way. He couldn’t hide the blush that crept onto his cheeks at Tech’s words, he hoped it would just add some realism to the demo. “In that case I’ll do my best to make sure I follow all the instructions and mix everything properly.” Nathan began pouring the liquids making sure to follow each and every instruction carefully making sure not to spill anything. Some of the instructions he had to read more than once which had him slightly flustered. Eventually he got to the last instruction and looked up from his work glancing at Tech, “here goes nothing Sir.” He poured the last one into the mixture and took a step back. His eyes widened in amazement as it started to smoke, the amazement turning into slight panic and he looked at Tech hoping that the smoking was supposed to happen and he hadn’t screwed it all up.

Tech: nodded affirmatively, “Any of the clean beakers will do just fine Nathan. Just relax and take your time. I know you have this. I am confident in the material we’ve been working on.” His voice was firm and his tone confident. To stay in the role and out of a desire to provide some confidence and connection with Nathan, he ran his hand down Nathan’s back before stepping back. He proceeded to watch as Nathan carefully followed the instruction he had laid out. He grinned at how serious Nathan was. It was actually insanely cute to watch the submissive focus so completely on something. Tech had to admit that he was enjoying this far more than he thought he would. At the smoking reaction, Tech clapped his hands together and gave a small cheer. Partially he was relieved that the planned effect had worked so well. The slight shimmer to the fluid in the beaker and the dramatic smoke spilling out the top would look very cool to the directors and anyone else in the audience. It was just an effect and would not cause any particular harm to anyone in the audience or the two in the centre of the rotunda being observed. “Well done Nathan. Someone has definitely been doing their homework. I am extremely pleased with my student today.” He slipped an arm around Nathan’s waist, his fingers tugging up the soft fabric of his t-shirt to trace one finger over the soft skin above Nathan’s hip. “So here is the question, which reward does my student deserve today … hand?” he asked provocatively in his best authoritative tone, “Or do you think you’ve done so well you deserve mouth?”

Nathan felt a sense of pride when Tech told him that he had done well, it was that praise he looked for on a daily basis. Nathan had always done everything he could to find that praise from anyone who was willing to give it to him no matter what it took to get it. There was a point Nathan would do anything to receive that praise from the people around him, he needed the praise to survive. “I’m glad I could please you with my work Sir. I’ve been working really hard on it trying to prefect it for you,” his eyes were still on the smoke thankful he had done it correctly. He would have hated if he had done something to mess it up. Hearing the question he bit his bottom lip looking at Tech through his eyelashes, “I hope that I deserve the mouth Sir. Though my reward is completely up to you. You know what I deserve better than I do.” His tone was soft, both his tone and his body language was completely submissive as he spoke the words. He was hoping more than anything he would be able to feel the warmth of Tech’s mouth around him but he knew if Tech didn’t think he deserve it than it wouldn’t be happening. Before Augustina Nathan had been in a relationship that was strongly based on rewards and punishments. Any reward he received had to be one that he had earned and this was no different. He had earned a reward but what reward he had earned was completely and totally up to Tech. Tech was the one in control of the situation.

Tech kept his hand on Nathan’s waist as the submissive responded to his question. He stepped in front of Nathan, his hand slipping around his waist to cup the hollow of his spine under the t-shirt. It was a surprisingly possessive movement and if he had not been in roleplay mode, where all his focus was on Nathan, it was unlikely the shy Tech would have been so bold with someone he had scarcely met. Later he would consider all his actions and the meaning it had for his growth of the Dominant that lurked within and he was still allowing himself to become. He leaned upward to press a soft kiss on the submissive’s full mouth. He smiled gently at Nathan, deliberately catching his eyes. “You have been very good Nathan. For learning your lab experiment perfectly and performing so well…” The double meaning of the words and the praise to Nathan was evident. “I think you deserve to have my mouth wrapped around that gorgeous cock of yours.” Tech’s free hand fell to the fastening to the young man’s jeans. His lips traced kisses over Nathan’s. They were soft kisses and mixed with gentle praise assuring Nathan that he was good, so good, and clever, and very pleasing to Tech…. clever Nathan… so good for him. When the zipper was lowered, Tech peeled down the fabric, pushing it down until it puddled at Nathan’s ankles, jeans and underwear a bundle of fabric on the floor, seemingly insignificant, only a barrier to what lay ahead. He wrapped his hand around Nathan’s thick cock and sank to his knees. He traced a tongue over the head and smiled. “Tasty Nathan.”

Nathan was slightly surprised at the hand slipping around his waist, he kept his eyes on Tech waiting for the next movements wondering how Tech was going to respond. When Tech kissed him Nathan didn’t hesitate to kiss the dominant back, smiling into the kiss. Tech was praising him again, the words bringing Nathan to a complete sense of calm, it was as if Tech had tuned into his need and want for praise, as if he knew just how to make him feel comfortable in the situation they were in. Tech was kissing him again and Nathan pressed himself into the kisses, he could feel Tech undoing his jeans. He felt a slight degree of panic, his mind going back to the amount of people watching them, the amount of people in the room. However the panic was only short as Tech’s kisses kept him grounded, kept in a space he needed to be to be able to do this in front of all the people. Tech’s kisses were keeping him in what he had always described as a safe place, they were what he needed. He felt his jeans and underwear fall to his ankles and felt the chill of the air on his newly exposed cock causing him to bit his lip gently keeping his eyes on Tech. His eyes followed Tech as he dropped to the floor and Nathan could feel what had been the panic that had turned into calm change once again this time into anticipation for what was to come. Hearing the words from Tech, Nathan smiled and nodded slowly, “and all yours to enjoy Sir.”

Tech looked up at Nathan, his eyes meeting the dark brown one of the handsome submissive. “Close your eyes Nathan.” he instructed. “I want you to just feel…. enjoy your reward for being such an amazing student. My good boy.” his teacher’s voice in play but the warmth threaded through. Tech’s hand stroked over the shaft of Nathan’s cock as his tongue swirled over the head. He leaned forward and took the shaft into his mouth, suckling the length. Tech didn’t have much of a gag reflex and it came in handy as he took the submissive deep enough that his length brushed against the back of Tech’s throat. He swallowed around Nathan, waiting for that purring reaction indicating Nathan was enjoying his attentions. Then he started to move, pulling back until only the head was between Tech’s lips before sinking forward again. Tech laid one firm hand on Nathan’s hip, stilling him, his fingers squeezing gently the warm satin skin. The other hand traced up between Nathan’s thighs and cupped the submissive’s balls. Tech continued to move his mouth over Nathan’s cock as he toyed with the heavy testes, rolling them between his fingers. He let out a soft moan and delighted in the feeling of Nathan’s body under his command. Never before had he done this, just taken sexual charge of another, and he loved it. More than he ever thought he would. Nathan was helping him fulfill a personal fantasy. He moaned softly, vibrating along Nathan’s length. “Come for me Nathan.” he murmured huskily.

Nathan nodded his head and closed his eyes taking a deep breath. He let his entire body relax so he was able to take in everything he was feeling. He was able to take in the feeling of having Tech’s mouth wrapped around him and he loved it. He wiggled a bit at the pleasure rushing through him, with his eyes closed everything seemed that much more intense than it had ever been with his eyes open. Nathan clenched his fists slightly and bit his bottom lip trying to keep quiet but unable to with the amount of pleasure Tech was giving him. Having Tech’s mouth wrapped around his cock was pushing him closer and closer to release. Just the feeling of Tech’s movements was enough to take him to the edge. But if anything Nathan knew better than to cum without permission. Hearing the softly worded command leave Tech’s lips he nodded his head and let his release hit without a further question. Nathan’s back arched as he came, there was no way he could have stopped it even if he had tried. The mix of how Tech’s mouth felt and the sound of Tech’s voice left him with no chance of disobeying if he had wanted to. Not that he minded, he loved when someone was so in control that he had no other choice but to obey. He loved being able to submit and allow someone to Dominate in the right way which Tech had very clearly been able to do. Nathan tried to even out his breathing as he let his eyes flutter open and his eyes focus on Tech. “Thank you Sir.”

Tech swallowed, greedily, the fluid that filled his mouth. He continued to lick the shaft until satisfied before gently lowering his hands to grasp the fabric puddled at Nathan’s ankles. His first blow job and it looked like he managed to do a decent job of it. Nathan certainly didn’t look upset. Rising to his feet slowly, he pulled up the fabric before settling it at Nathan’s slender hips. The jeans quickly followed, and Tech fastened the fly. He then wiped his hand over his own mouth before leaning in to wrap around Nathan. He held him for just a minute. It was an instinctual moment but it didn’t seem to give offence. He enjoyed the closeness, the warmth from Nathan’s skin. He just let himself breathe for a few minutes before leaning back and smiling into Nathan’s dark warm eyes, “Thank you Nathan. You are perfect. Such a good boy.” He released Nathan and stepped back. “I suppose I had better start working on your next lesson plan.” he teased with a wry smile. “If you get the A I am expecting at the end of this course, I may just fuck that gorgeous ass of yours. Any less and your ass will get a different sort of attention.” He winked at Nathan and held out his hand toward the slender, beautiful submissive. “C’mon now. Help me clean up and then we’ll book our next tutoring session.”

Nathan didn’t move as he watched Tech stand to his feet, his eyes focused completely on the other male. He stayed close to Tech loving the way it felt to be close to him, loving the heat coming from Tech. His breathing had evened out and he slowly wrapped his arms around Tech to hold the other male for a moment. His eyes focused on Tech’s and he listened to the words. “You’re welcome Sir,” the joy he felt from the praise was all he needed. He knew that if he could receive praise like this all the time he would be content with the world around him. “I’ll be sure to work hard towards that A Sir. I will study with every free moment I have,” his eyes remained on Tech. When he was focused on Tech it was easy to forget the people around him, easy to forget the situation they were in, the fact they were being marked on this. Nathan reached to take the hand that Tech was offering him, a smile present on his face and a small nod of his head as he walked so he was beside Tech holding his hand. His eyes glanced around him for a moment looking at everything around them, still not looking at the people around them though. “Thank you for this tutoring session Sir. I know it will assist me greatly in my class. I’ve already been able to improve so much with your assistance,” he smiled as he said it. He was happy with how well the demo had gone to this point, especially since he hadn’t known Tech for too long.

Tech was so pleased with Nathan and with the demonstration. They had only spoken briefly before the demo and while the fact that they were both into classically “geeky” pastimes such as video games and comics and Canadian, they barely knew each other. He did notice that of all the people he had met so far here, Nathan seemed very comfortable with who he was as a submissive. It was actually incredibly appealing. Tech was still figuring out who he was as a Dominant and he did notice that it was easier around Nathan in some ways. He squeezed Nathan’s hand tucked into his own. A small gesture of comfort and connection just between the two of him. He led Nathan closer the table and then directed him to start clearing up, putting stoppers into the vials and beakers with fluids and powders within. The reaction had long since ended, unobserved by either of them. As they worked, Tech couldn’t seem to help touching Nathan frequently - on the hand, over his arm and shoulder. At times, his hand, almost of its own accord, drifted over Nathan’s back and even boldly caressing Nathan’s pert ass. It was fun, to be bold like that, contrary to his usual behaviour around others where he tended to favour quiet and removed listening. He had to work hard on being social at Augustina, knowing that he wouldn’t make any connections alone in his room, even if it was safer. “All packed up Nathan?” he asked, his teacher voice back in place.

Nathan worked diligently to clean up everything they had used, he kept stealing glances at Tech as he moved. He could feel a touch now and then from Tech, each touch sent an electricity like feeling through him. He tried to keep his concentration on cleaning up, tried to appear as if the touches weren’t affecting him but he knew he was failing to hide the affect Tech was having on him. He couldn’t help but keep a smile on his face as he looked at Tech and finished with the cleaning. Nathan nodded his head slowly as he looked up at Tech. “Yes Sir. Everything is cleaned and packed up,” his words came out soft as he spoke them, he wasn’t sure if anyone other than Tech had been able to hear them. Though he didn’t care about the other people in the room anymore, the moment seemed much more between just them than he thought a demo would feel. It was as if it was just him and Tech who mattered in that moment and Nathan was okay with that. In fact Nathan preferred it to feel that way, he knew that was how he felt most comfortable. Nathan hoped that Tech was happy with the way the demo had gone, he hoped that Tech wasn’t disappointed that they had been paired up, Nathan surely wasn’t. He moved towards Tech slightly and reached to gently take the other males hand in his own. He wanted to keep the feeling of closeness with Tech and this was how he knew how at the present moment.

Tech smiled at Nathan, “Good boy. Well done.” He felt the touch on his hand and closed his own over the elegant hand of the taller male. He lifted the hand to his lips, kissing it warmly before nipping at the skin he had found there. Tech grinned at Nathan as he stepped into the lean frame of the submissive. He lifted his other hand to cup Nathan’s soft cheek. “Thank you Nathan.” The praise was both in and out of his roleplay character. At this moment, he could honestly he would never be as nervous about a roleplay again, nor would he ever regret that his very first time had been with this kind and sweet young man. He was perfect and the Dominant who finally claimed his heart and then him would have a blessed life. How could you not if you had this man’s love and most perfect submission? He was beautiful and kind and… unable to think of any more words, he rose up a little on his toes and kissed Nathan, properly and without reservation. No chaste pecks but a full true kiss. It was gentle at first and then deepened at a leisurely pace. Nathan would now be aware of the fact he was hiding a rather impressive hard-on of his own. As the kiss continued, Tech settled one hand on Nathan’s narrow hip and just held him close. He sighed with pleasure as the kiss continued and his other arm slid around the well-built shoulders hidden by Nathan’s soft t-shirt.

Nathan smiled, “you’re welcome Tech.” Using Tech’s name seemed more appropriate in the situation rather than using Sir and he hoped that Tech would be okay with it. Nathan was caught off guard with the kiss but he let his body melt into it, let everything go but the feel and taste of Tech. Nathan could feel Tech’s hard on and it made him smile into the kiss keeping himself close to the other male. He let his arms moved to wrap around Tech’s waist, letting his hands rest on the small of his back. After a brief moment he slowly pulled away and looked into Tech’s eyes with a smile. He leaned so his head was right next to the other’s ear before he dropped his voice right to a whisper. “I could take care of that outside of the demo if you’d like Tech,” he smiled as he pulled his head away from beside Tech’s ear. He looked down for a moment before looking at Tech again. He wasn’t sure if the people around them were satisfied with their demo and he didn’t dare look up at any of them before someone called the official end to their demo. He didn’t want to do anything to ruin all the work both of them had put into it. He was afraid if he ruined it now then Tech would resent him for it and Tech was someone he wanted to get to know better if the other male would let him. Nathan let his fingers trace small patterns along Tech’s lower back.

Tech felt a little thrill when Nathan used his name. It felt more intimate than everything so far in this roleplay demo they had been doing, which was an odd thing to say considering what they had just done. His cheeks grew a bit pink at the offer but Tech also simply nodded and whispered back, “I would like that very much Nathan.” He knew the time bell was going to go off any second but right now he just didn’t care about it, the audience or the fact that they were getting marked for what they had done just now. What mattered was the look on Nathan’s face and the warmth of his body against him. He didn’t move away, enjoying the touch of Nathan’s hands on his back and the resulting warm tingles that raced up his spine and down to his toes. He brushed his lips over Nathan’s soft mouth again before whispering, “Do you want to go to my room after … not to do anything in particular…” he rushed out, “Just … I would like to hold you for a bit.” He quirked an eyebrow and smiled hopefully, “Please?” The last thing Tech wanted was for Nathan to just walk away after this and to be alone. It was a strange feeling but he knew that it would make him feel…. kind of lost. He wanted to stay close and keep this connected feeling for a bit longer. It made him feel … whole, he guessed would be the best word.

Nathan nodded his head without hesitation as he looked at Tech. “I’d like that a lot. I can take care of you and then you can hold me if you’re okay with that.” He wanted to make sure that everything happening was stuff that Tech was okay with, he didn’t want to try anything the other male wasn’t cool with and risk losing whatever type of relationship he could gain from this. He hoped that at the very least the two of them would become friends. He liked the feeling it gave him to know that Tech wanted to spend more time with him, made him feel wanted. Feeling wanted was something he always looked for, especially after he’d gotten his designation and his father wanted nothing to do with him. Nathan had never expected to create such a connection with someone he was partnered with for a demo yet here he was having made a connection with Tech. He kept himself close to Tech not ready to pull away and fully prepared to stay close to Tech. His mind flickered back to the demo for a moment and his voice got a little louder than it had been. “When are you free for our next tutoring session Sir?” His eyes were on Tech, his arms wrapped around his waist and a smile played on his face. He wanted the bell to go off so he could talk to Tech as Nathan and they would be able to go back to Tech’s room. He wanted to be able to feel this closeness with Tech with it just being the two of them.

Tech's smile was broad as Nathan responded in the affirmative. He was looking forward to this, to laying on his bed with Nathan in his arm. He wondered what he sounded like when he laughed, really laughed. He looked forward to hearing it one day. A friendship at the least was definitely something he intended. Tech was so happy with the demo assignment and its results (regardless of marks) that he could feel himself smiling broadly and was helpless to make himself not smile. “Soon my good student. Very soon.” he responded with a chuckle. However, he wanted to be away from this crowd and the eyes upon the two of them. He wanted to be alone with Nathan in a private space where he could get to know Nathan as a person. He leaned up and kissed Nathan again, intending it to be a mere brush of the lips. But his mouth was so soft and delicious that Tech couldn't help but relax into it, savouring the taste of it. When the buzzer signaling the end of the demo sounded, Tech actually jumped and then laughed at himself. With a nod to the Directors and the other audience members, Tech gathered the rest of the items and shoved them into the trolley he had brought to carry everything. He then held Nathan's hand as they waited to be dismissed. He could feel the warmth snaking through his limbs where they were connected and once they got the nod, the two of them left the rotunda as quickly as their legs could appropriately carry them.

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