Lost in Tech

That's the only name he goes by. 

He has no expectations that he will find love. Sex would be nice sometime. Well that's what he heard anyway. A claim seems an impossible feat. But here he is, going to give it a try. So, please excuse him as he panics and retreats behind his computer.

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After the Ball || Are you Ready? || Nathan & Tech  

Nathan Wright and Emmett “Tech” Winters

Summary: Tech loses his virginity

Tech held Nathan’s hand in his own, keeping his fingers threaded through those of the submissive. It had become his favourite way to walk beside Nathan. He loved the feeling, the connection, that it gave him. This was it. The ball had ended and they were on their way back to Tech’s room. Tech’s tie hung loosely around his throat, with his top button undone. His suit jacket was draped over one shoulder, held there by the hook of his finger. The night had been amazing. The food, the dancing and of course Nathan. He had blown through a healthy chunk of his savings. But he wasn’t the least bit sorry. It had been fun bidding on Nathan, as well as making sure Ala did not go without a bid. Unable to resist any longer, Tech paused and turned toward Nathan before leaning up and into another kiss. His free hand settled on the centre of Nathan’s lean back, pulling his close. His jacket spilled to the floor where it lay forgotten. His body felt oddly heavy and light all at the same time. He wanted this so much, he wanted this night with Nathan. He broke the kiss to look Nathan in the eye, bumping the tip of his nose along Nathan’s. “You sure Nathan. I don’t want to rush you.” Another kiss followed these words, “I would wait …. as long as you needed.” Tech looked up into Nathan’s warm honey eyes, meeting them with lust hazed eyes of darkened blue.

Nathan walked with Tech, feeling the other male’s hand in his own was something he had come to love, something he had come to crave. Tech was becoming the main focus for him and he was oddly okay with that, he wanted to be with Tech as much as possible. When Tech stopped and kissed him he didn’t hesitate to kiss the Dominant back, every time their lips touched it sent sparks through his body. “I’m positive Tech. I want this,” his eyes were on Tech not wanting to look away. “Are you sure?” Nathan had his voice soft as he said it, not wanting to ruin the moment between them. Everything was so powerful when he was with Tech, it was as if nothing else mattered. It was the two of them and no one else in the world could take that from them. Nathan was happy when he was with Tech, a feeling he searched for often but always fell short of. Nathan had never thought they would get to this point when he had first met Tech but now he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Wouldn’t trade his time with Tech and if he could manage he would never give it up.

Tech smiled at Nathan’s sweet words. He was kind, so considerate and Tech had to admit he liked Nathan very much. He nodded and then kissed Nathan again. It was a leisurely kiss, one arm still locked around Nathan’s back while the other came up to cup the back of Nathan’s head. Nathan had a bigger frame than the slimmer, leaner Dominant but Tech paid no attention to this. After all, being a Dominant wasn’t about size or strength … otherwise women would rarely be Dommes. He finally broke the kiss with a husky moan. He dipped low, collecting the fallen jacket before standing up. He threaded his fingers through Nathan’s again and then tugged on his hand. “Come on then…. my room awaits. If you’re very lucky, I might let you leave on Monday morning.” he teased with a laugh …. “Maybe.” Tech continued with a wink before pulling him toward his room. He unlocked it quickly and tugged Nathan through. The room was set up, a lamp next to the bed left on, highlighting the freshly cleaned room. The bed made (a rare thing for Tech) with a wrapped parcel sitting in the centre. Some snacks sat neatly organized in tupperware containers on top of a small bar fridge in the corner. “Come on in Nathan.” he murmured as he closed the door behind him. He tossed his jacket haphazardly into the laundry hamper and kicked off his shoes. He let out a small groan of pleasure that came from the relief of freeing his feet from the tight constraints of the dress shoes.

Nathan didn’t resist the kiss, kissing the Dominant back enjoying every second of the kiss. Nathan had come to love kissing Tech, it had quickly became on of his favorite things to do with the other male, along with kneeling for him. He let out a soft chuckle at Tech’s words and gave the other male a small shrug, “maybe I wont want to leave Monday morning so you can keep me longer.” Nathan moved with Tech’s pull walking into the room with him letting his eyes look around. It looked different than the last time he’d been there but the similar at the same time. He watched Tech close the door behind him slipping off his shoes slowly followed by the dress shirt and tie he’d been wearing remembering the rule of no shirt when in Tech’s room. Slowly he moved to his knees, the rules him and Tech had set up were clear in his mind as he looked up from his kneeling position to look at Tech. “Would you like my pants on or off today Sir?” His eyes were focused completely on Tech, as if nothing else around them existed in that moment.

Tech watched with careful eyes as Nathan stripped, revealing his lean, toned body. He made Tech’s mouth water and his hands itch with the desire to caress and touch. Nathan sank gracefully to his knees and Tech was awestruck that this beauty wanted to be with him, see him, touch him. Tech leaned in to kiss Nathan’s full mouth. “Yes. Everything off tonight Nathan. Everything.” He couldn’t wait, to see Nathan’s cock again, to take it in his mouth. He had been thinking about it since the demo. However, he had been determined to take things slow, to do things right, to treat Nathan with the genuine respect he deserved. Even if he did have delicious fantasies about tying him to the bed and just never letting him leave. “Then I want you to kneel on the centre of the bed. At that moment, you can open your present and not a minute before. All right my Nathan.” he purred out, the teacher voice back and in full effect. He was looking forward to watching Nathan open his gift. He hoped he would like the collar Tech selected. The collar Nathan would wear when alone with Tech in his room. If … if things progressed and they were still together at the end of their time at Augustina, then Tech had another collar in mind. Something more permanent and subtle to wear in daily life. This one was thicker, leather, green on black with rings for attaching leashes, ropes and cuffs. The purchase had come with matching wrist and ankle cuffs. Tech was saving them for a future gift.

Nathan listened to Tech’s words and nodded his head, “yes Sir.” He got to his feet and slipped off the pants and boxers he had been wearing along with his socks leaving him in nothing. He walked over to the bed and got onto the middle of it kneeling with the gift in front of him, he was curious as to what the gift contained. He’d never been given a gift before so he was excited, he could feel the excitement running through him and he was doing his best to kneel still. He took the gift in trembling hands, they were trembling due to the excitement, and started to carefully unwrap it. His eyes on Tech for a moment before he looked down at the gift. When he saw the collar the smile on his face grew and he looked up at Tech, joy and excitement written on his face. “It’s perfect Sir. I love it. Can I wear it? Can you put it on me?” He was talking fast as he spoke.

Tech watched Nathan strip, revealing that gorgeous thick cock that he remembered from their demo. He bit his lip as his eyes drifted over Nathan, taking in the curve of his ass, the length of his legs right down to the even line of his feet. He looked so pretty on Tech’s bed and the rightness of it settled in Tech’s gut. This felt right. One more piece of the Dominant that Tech would be clicked into place, settled and set. Every minute with Nathan was an exploration of not just their relationship and each other but who each of them was. This is what it meant to be a Dominant and it felt like he could breathe a little lighter, like he was just a fraction taller as he was growing into himself. He watched the shaking hands but knew it was excitement. The grin on his face, the joy making Nathan’s dark honey eyes flash brighter, was enough to fill Tech with happiness. He loved seeing Nathan so happy. At Nathan’s question, he climbed on the bed himself and moved to where he was kneeling in front of the submissive. With gentle hands, Tech fastened the collar around Nathan’s slender throat. “There is a mirror over there.” Tech nodded toward the bedside table where a small hand mirror lay, face down. “If you want to have a look.” Tech placed a kiss on the curve of Nathan’s lips, just a brush of the lips. “Go see how beautiful you are.”

Nathan smiled as he felt the collar be fastened around his neck, the feel of it was enough to turn him on. It truly showed his place in their relationship. There he was naked and collared with Tech was with him fully clothed, Nathan loved the clear indication of their roles as Dominant and submissive. He loved how it felt to submit to Tech and the collar put him on another level within that submission to the other male. He slowly moved over to where the mirror was and picked it up to look at himself within it, the sight made him smile. He was wearing a collar that he already loved so much, “it looks perfect Sir. It completes everything,” he looked at Tech with a smile. “Thank you so much Sir.” Nathan set the mirror down slowly and moved back over to the middle of the bed where he kneeled straight. He wanted to show Tech just how much he would submit to him, submitting to Tech felt right for him, like it was where he was supposed to be. Like he was meant to submit completely to Tech, to let Tech become his Master and Nathan was perfectly okay with that. His mind went over the rules they had in place mixed with the feel of the collar around his neck, everything for him was perfect. Nathan kept his eyes fully focused on the Dominant not wanting to look away. He felt safe where he was, kneeling on Tech’s bed looking at the other male. It was as if nothing would be able to hurt him, at least not in that moment.

Tech settled back on his haunches, waiting for Nathan to shift back into position, like Tech was sure he would. Like he knew Nathan would. He was a beautiful submissive and seemed to settle into his place, into the place of collared submissive with ease. Tech lifted a hand and cupped Nathan’s cheek, thumb drifting over the high cheekbone. He leaned forward to kiss Nathan again. This time, Tech had to admit there was a touch of possessiveness in it. A claiming element that did not exist before. The collar was having an effect on more than just Nathan, clearly. He nipped Nathan’s bottom lip and gave it a tug, just a tease really before flicking his tongue over the spot just nipped. “I want to explore you Nathan. I want you to stretch out on the bed, back against the mattress. I want you to close your eyes and I want you to keep them closed. No matter what. If you open them, you will get a spanking and spend all day Monday in a cock cage. Do you understand Nathan?” Tech waited for affirmation and then moved off the bed, giving Nathan room to stretch out. “Spread your legs shoulder distance apart.” he continued, “Arm loose and down at your side. I want you to relax… just relax my Nathan. I just want to see you… explore you … touch this beautiful boy wearing my collar.” A funny thing to call Nathan “Boy” given that they were basically the same age but it suited the moment and Tech had to admit, he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Nathan kissed Tech back noticing the possessiveness within it. It sparked something, something that made everything he’d been trying to figure out clear. This was definitely where he belonged, this was what he needed, what he wanted and he wanted it all with Tech. Listening to the Dominant’s words he nodded his head without any hint of hesitation, “of course Sir.” He moved to lay on the bed with his back flat against the mattress. Setting his arms at his side he took a small breath and spread his legs so they were shoulder width apart. With one more look at the other male he smiled and then let his eyes shut. He knew it would be hard to keep his eyes shut, all he wanted to do was look at Tech, take in everything but the want to submit to Tech, to show him that he wanted Tech to Dominate him, overcame the want to look at Tech. Nathan let his body settle against the bed while he kept his eyes shut. He let his mind go blank completely focusing on the air around him, trying to feel how close Tech was or even just where Tech was. He let his mind wander from the air to his own breathing, keeping it even and calm. He wasn’t tense with Tech like he had been with others in the past, no with Tech is was so much different. There was already so much respect and trust he held for the other male that it made everything so much easier for him.

Tech unbuttoned his dress shirt and quickly removed it, tossing it into the hamper. The small buttons making a clicking noise as they hit the wall and tumbled into the basket. He left on his dress pants and undershirt, liking the dynamic of himself, dressed, while his sub was nude except for his collar. He just admired Nathan for several minutes, watching the even breathing, the small part in his lips, the way his flat belly rose and fell with every breath. He admired the soft gold of his summer tan. Nathan would feel the slight depression in the bed as he moved onto the thick mattress to settle on one side of Nathan. True to his word, Tech explored, starting with the tips of the submissive’s long fingers. With warm, gentle touches, he played over Nathan’s skin. Following gentle touches of hands came gentle kisses, a soft wet caress against the tanned, toned flesh. Up the length of one arm he traveled and then down one side. He flicked his tongue over Nathan’s hard nipple and then the other. He took in every freckle, every old scar and small mark. The only place left untouched was Nathan’s rising cock. From fingertips to toes and then back up, each inch of skin (except Nathan’s cock and balls) along the front of Nathan’s body was explored. Finally he paused, straddling the sub but putting no pressure on him. He kissed Nathan’s sweet mouth, soft at first then deeper, possessive, searching , claiming. He finally broke the kiss with a gasp. “Turn over Nathan.”

Nathan could feel the touches from Tech, every inch of his body begging for more, his cock hardening quickly. Tech’s tongue made the feelings that mush more pleasurable and Nathan was finding it hard to concentrate on keeping his eyes closed. He wanted so badly to reach out and touch Tech, to explore the other male as he was being explored but he knew that he couldn’t. After all he had been given his orders and he knew better than to break them. Nathan was taken off guard slightly by Tech’s lips but he kissed Tech back feeling everything being put into the kiss and trying to put everything he felt back into the kiss. A soft whine escaped his lips when Tech broke the kiss but he heard the command and instantly moved to turn onto his stomach, “yes Sir.” Once he was laying on his stomach he let out a soft moan, the friction from the bed beneath him rubbing against his already erect cock had sent a wave of pleasure through him. He laid flat on his stomach with his arms at his side, his eyes closed and his legs spread like he had done on his back. His body waited in anticipation of what was to come, craving to be touched by the other male. It excited Nathan to know that even with his body craving the touch he wouldn’t be getting it until Tech was wanting to give it. He loved knowing that Tech was in complete control of the entire situation. That Tech was in complete control over him.

Tech leaned in and whispered softly in Nathan’s ear, “Good boy.” He slipped his hands up Nathan’s lean back and then began to follow the same pattern as he had on the submissive’s front. Every inch of skin was caressed, followed by kisses, nips or the flick of his tongue on the warm satin of Nathan’s body. Tech moved his body lower until he was kneeling between Nathan’s legs, forcing them further apart. Down Tech traveled and then back up again. He paused at the smooth globes of Nathan’s ass, nipping over the curve before, unable to resist, he applied a firm bite to one cheek. He chuckled as he licked the mark left behind. “Sorry.” he murmured, although his tone was clearly one where he didn’t feel the least bit sorry. He worked his way back up Nathan’s spine, licked a trail up to the nape of Nathan’s neck. He allowed his weight to rest against Nathan this time, still clothed, the buckle of his belt above the thick ridge of his clothed cock pressed against Nathan’s ass. He reached over to the bedside table and withdrew the lube and a condom, the crinkle of the wrapper a dead giveaway in the quiet of the room, the room filled only with sounds of their breathing, low and raspy, almost panting. “Are you ready Nathan? For me to open you up?” Tech had done a lot of reading lately, about opening up someone for anal sex, but he didn’t want to rush.

Nathan remained where he was taking in the feeling of each and every movement that Tech made. Everything he was feeling was heightened by the fact he had his eyes closed and couldn’t see a thing. Feeling Tech’s clothed cock against him was enough to make him moan out and he bit his bottom lip. His eyes opened for a brief second and he closed them again hoping that Tech hadn’t noticed. He knew if Tech had noticed he would be getting punished and Tech had said he would spend Monday in a cock cage. He heard the wrapper of the condom and it caused him to smile, his body alive with anticipation. Nathan heard Tech’s words and he nodded against the bed, “yes Sir. I am.” He had come to love calling Tech Sir, it was something he didn’t mind doing, in fact it was something he enjoyed doing more than he had thought he would. He took a deep breath steadying himself, getting ready for what was to come. He was excited to be taking this step with Tech, he felt close with Tech within that moment. Wearing the collar from Tech during everything just made him feel that much closer to the other male. “May I open my eyes while you open me up Sir?” He bit his bottom lip gently while he waited for the reply from the other male, either way he would follow whatever it was Tech wanted. He could hear their breathing in the silence while he waited.

Tech nipped at the skin of Nathan’s shoulder. He had seen the eyelashes flutter open. Oh yes, he surely did. Something else to add to their weekend. “You may as well my Nathan. After all, you already did. Going to be a very challenging Monday for you. With a sore bottom and your gorgeous cock all locked up.” Tech tutted softly, “Naughty little Nathan.” he murmured as he opened the cap to the lube and sat back, taking his weight off of Nathan. He pushed Nathan’s thighs further apart before slipping one hand between Nathan’s thighs to stroke the length of his cock, trapped against the bed. “Look at this poor leaking cock. So neglected. So needy. But it isn’t allowed to come yet, is it? Oh no. It has to wait until I say, right Nathan?” He removed his hand and applied a thick layer of lube to his fingers before applying a dab to the top of Nathan’s cleft, letting the fluid run down between his cheeks. Tech watched and then added one finger, tracing it around the puckered little entrance. Nathan was perfect. The heat radiated off of him. Tech placed one hand on the hollow of Nathan’s back, soothing his flesh with a gentle caress while his finger teased Nathan’s hole and then down the line of his perineum. “So beautiful, so tight, I’m going to put my cock in here, ride you. Do you want that Nathan? To be fucked …. to have my cock in this tight hole?” Tech teased as one finger breached the entrance and slowly pushed forward.

Nathan sighed softly hearing Tech’s words, the male had caught his eyes open and now he was going to be in a cock cage on Monday. He let his eyes open and he turned his head to look at Tech, taking in the sight of the attractive male. “I’m sorry for opening my eyes Sir. I will gladly take my punishment and have my cock locked up for you. I know it is to teach me,” his voice was soft, even as he spoke the words. He knew Monday was going to be torture but he was willing to take the punishment, after all he had broken the rule and let his eyes open before he had been told that he could. Nathan gladly opened his legs to give Tech more room, a moan slipping past his lips as Tech stroked his cock. “Right Sir. Not until you have given me permission to cum.” He loved the amount of control Tech had over him, this was the type of thing he lived for, he had always loved submitting like this and he was more than happy to be submitting to Tech like this. Every feeling was an intense one within the moment and Nathan wouldn’t have it any other way, with anyone other than Tech right then. “I want that so much Sir. Especially if it’s what you want,” he wanted to make sure that whatever happened pleased Tech. Tech was his main focus, his priority at that moment and his mind was completely on the other male.

Tech pressed in deeper, working his finger in and out of Nathan’s tight hole before adding a second finger. “Such a good boy with this beautiful ass, so tight, so good” Tech’s words came out in between soft breaths of his own. He loved this, this complete control over Nathan in this moment. Again, pieces of the Dominant he would be settled into place. Yes. He liked knowing Nathan was his. He liked seeing the collar around his throat. When he claimed that would be his first rule. The collar. All the time. His free hand slid over Nathan’s ass, so perfect and unmarked. He could envision it … red, marked from Tech’s spanking. The thought made his cock twitch. It was probably wrong how much he was looking forward to punishing Nathan for his transgression. Such a minor one for such a strict punishment. But Tech couldn’t bring himself to be the least bit sorry. He worked Nathan open, stretching, scissoring his fingers in the tight hole before adding a third. Finally Tech was satisfied with the level of stretch. It had that feeling described in the books. His cock would still be a tight fit. Nathan would definitely know he was being fucked. Tech knelt up, removing his fingers from Nathan’s ass and wiping his slick fingers along Nathan’s thigh before picking up the condom. He pulled off his belt and let it fall to the floor. Then Tech unzipped his fly but did not remove his pants. He wanted Nathan to know that he was his sub which meant Tech would stay clothed until after he had thoroughly fucked the sweet submissive. He also like the visual of him dressed with Nathan being ridden. He unwrapped the foil packet and slipped on the condom before adding a thick layer of lube, making the length slick. He shifted forward again, his mouth nipping at Nathan’s shoulder. “Are you ready?” he murmured softly as he shifted forward, his hand wrapped around his length and pushing into the submissive’s body, breaching him.

Nathan could feel his cock throbbing at the touch and words coming from Tech. Every touch from the Dominant sending sparks through his body causing him to shift a little. The shift rubbed his cock against the bed beneath him sending yet more pleasure through him. He knew it was going to be hard to make sure he didn’t cum until he was told to do so. The collar around his throat reminding him that it was Tech who was in full control of him, Tech who decided what happened and when. Nathan moaned at the thought. When the fingers were removed from his ass Nathan let out a soft whine wanting Tech’s fingers back, wanting that full feeling back. He heard Tech’s belt hit the floor and moved his head to watch, he was slightly surprised when Tech didn’t take off his clothes but it made Nathan’s cock twitch. Tech was very clearly the Dominant in this relationship, and that meant he didn’t need to take off his clothes if he didn’t want to. Nathan had never told anyone but something he always liked was being reminded of his role in a relationship, being reminded that he had no control and Tech leaving his clothes on did just that. Nathan remained where he was not daring to move a muscle while he watched Tech put the condom on and lube up. His heart was pounding, he was ready for this. He was ready to let the Dominant fuck him anyway he wanted to. “Yes Sir. I want to feel you inside me so bad. I want to feel you filling me up,” his eyes were on Tech as he took a deep breath.

Tech let out a low moan, as he shifted again, moving his hips forward slowly. He was trying so hard. He just wanted to push, to slam in and claim possessively. But he also wanted to savour his first time, in general and with Nathan in particular. He moved until he was fulled seated inside the submissive. There he stopping, testing his own control, as he allowed Nathan to grow accustomed to his length buried in his ass. He probably wouldn’t last long. But he was determined to enjoy every second. Tech stroked Nathan’s back, sliding one finger through the loop on Nathan’s collar, tugging slightly, possessively. He moved his hips back pulling out nearly completely before pushing in again. He rode Nathan, slowly at first but before long, the pace was faster. Oh god, he really wasn’t going to last long was he? “Nathan. Oh god … oh my god …. yes … Nathan…” he moaned low in his throat. Tech slipped a hand around Nathan’s narrow hip to stroke Nathan’s dripping cock, forcing Nathan to raise his hips and push back against Tech’s body. “Fuck it. Say it. Say you are mine. Right now. Say it Nathan. Tell me who your Master is, tell me who you belong to.” he begged quietly, not even sure what he was saying. In this moment, he felt strong and wonderful and intensely powerful. Nathan was his … all his. He could feel himself building, getting closer. His hand played over Nathan’s cock, teasing it, playing with him. “Are you ready Nathan? Are you ready to come?”

Nathan took a deep breath as he started to grow accustomed to the cock inside him, his entire body begging to be touched. He moved his head gracefully with Tech’s tug on the collar, a smile spreading over his face. The collar was definitely something he wouldn’t have a problem with wearing more often, he liked the way it made him feel when he had it on. Moans feel from Nathan’s mouth as Tech rode him, the feeling of it all washing pure pleasure over him. He’d had sex multiple times before but something about this time seemed different than any other time. He couldn’t quite figure it out and he wasn’t going to try in that moment, he didn’t really care to try to figure it out. Hearing Tech’s request he couldn’t help but continue to smile and he had no problem giving into what was being asked of him. When he moved his hips up forcing Tech deeper he let out a loud, long moan that was laced with pleasure. “I’m yours Tech. I belong to you. You are my Master Sir,” the words flowing from his mouth mixed with moans he couldn’t hold back. Nathan knew he was getting close to release, he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, that was a fact but he also knew he had to wait until he was given permission to cum. Hearing the question he nodded his head trying to find his voice. “Yes Sir. I’m ready if you’re ready to allow me,” he bit his bottom lip. Nathan was submerged in the feeling of the moment, everything washing over him.

Tech heard the words and they filled him with such an intense pleasure it was almost overwhelming. “That’s right. You are mine. Right now. You wear my collar. You belong to me… mine.” he growled huskily. He tugged Nathan’s collar again while he squeezed Nathan’s cock. “This is mine too. Tonight… this gorgeous cock.” he ground out. He wasn’t quite sure what he was saying but the words flowed out as his hips slammed in and out of the submissive’s tight hole. He stroked the thick cock under his hand, “You can come now… do it, come, come for me Nathan.” Tech instructed firmly, waiting to feel as Nathan spilled over his hand. He smeared the cum over Nathan’s back before grasping his hips firmly. He pushed into Nathan firmly, a wonderful sensation flooded down his spine, as he came. He moaned, his hips snapping, as he buried his length fully inside Nathan. He slumped forward, letting his weight rest on Nathan’s back for a moment. He breathed him in. He had had sex. For the first time. It had been intense. Intense and perfect. He rolled over, sliding down next to Nathan, his hand coming down to remove the condom and tossed it in the garbage can next to the bed. His t-shirt followed, falling to the floor. Then he reached over and pulled Nathan into his arms, holding him close. His hand drifted up and down Nathan’s spine before settling just below Nathan’s collar. “Thank you Nathan. That was incredibly special. You were perfect, so good for me. Thank you.”

Nathan smiled as he listened to everything Tech was saying. It was all perfect, Tech, the words, the moment, everything. Nathan wouldn’t have traded it for anything, wouldn’t have traded that moment with anyone. He nodded his head, “all yours Tech. My entire body belongs to you.” The words feel from him with ease, it all felt right with Tech. More moans slipped past his lips as the Dominant slammed into him, filling him up time and time again. Nathan’s hips moved in rhythm with Tech’s movements, his focus fully on the way the two of them moved together. Everything was perfect. Nathan didn’t need to be told twice, as soon as the Dominant told him to cum he did. Spilling his cum all over Tech’s hand as he moaned out Tech’s name. His entire mind was cloudy as he rode out his orgasm, he could still feel the Dominant’s cock inside him, could feel Tech’s body posture change as the other male came. As Tech slumped onto him Nathan let his body relax, trying to even out his breathing. He loved the connection between them, the feel of Tech against him. Nathan moved with ease when Tech pulled him, wanting to be close to the Dominant. He could feel the other male’s skin against his own, could feel Tech’s fingers gliding along his back. As Tech rested his hand just below the collar Nathan smiled and cuddled into Tech wanting to be as close as possible with the Dominant. “You’re welcome Tech. Thank you for allowing me to share that with you. It was perfect,” his voice was soft and his breath was even as he spoke.

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